Syntax Highlighting in SilverStripe

I just realized that I never committed my syntax highlighting setup in git or documented it in any way.

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Vim Improvement Plan: Getting Started

See information about the Vim Improvement Plan here. The RulesWe'll start with an empty ~/. vimrc and ~/. vim; the system vimrc will be untouched from installation.

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Vim Improvement Plan

I have become: rather set on regularly using a small, small subset of what Vim offers, even when I know there's a better way. overly-reliant on my .

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Star Wrecked: The Beginning

It has been three full half-weeks since my ship was torn apart; who would have ever guessed that flying into a star could be a bad thing? The good news is that another ship was in need of a temporary captain (though I will not call this piece of scrap metal "good" and you certainly cannot call it "new")

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How to Leave a Voicemail (Professional Context)

You don't know what tools exist for the receiver of your call to check the message, so you need to try to leave a message that's convenient no matter what interface the receiver has to deal with.

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Lambda functions for code organization

anon func v2

Note: this post exists mostly to test syntax highlighting. The thesis is obvious.

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